Oh, aquells graciós catalans benjamins!

Today I learnt a new word, a caring funny word for the next generation of Catalans who (everyone expects) will be the first of the “true nation” of Catalonia:


It’s a mix of Pitufos (the Smurfs – remember them? They’re still big in Spain) and Catalans.


Later: I’m told this was actually an insult in “days gone by” (the 90’s) used against the nationalists in Catalonia. Nowadays Catalan Mothers call their babies Catalufos in an attempt to reclaim the word. Much like the “N” word, which I’m told only black people are allowed to use ironically. We Andaluzces are always a couple of decades behind. As an Andaluz with links to Catalonia, I’m apparantly “in the club” and am allowed to use the word. Since no-one around here knows what it means, I just plan on telling people about the Smurf connection, and seeing if it catches on. ¡Olé!

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