Priors construction permit annulled by the high court, compensation now expected

The High Court of Justice in Andalucía (TSJA) has decided that the construction permit issued by Vera Townhall to the Priors (the ones who had their house knocked down) back in 2003 was issued incorrectly and hence is annulled.

The court case was bought by Vera townhall in an attempt to justify their issuing of the license.

Priors in front of their demolished home

Since they have lost, Vera townhall is now expected to be obliged to pay some 750,000€ compensation for the demolition of the Prior’s house, as the Justice system has ruled that it should never have been given permission to be constructed in the first place, and hence is responsible for the demolition.

However, given that the townhall of Vera doesn’t have a penny, unless it’s up to date with its insurance policy, the townhall probably won’t pay out a penny for years.

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