4,5 million approved for emergency road repairs after the floods (just not all at once)

The Diputación (think county council) has approved 4,5 million euros for emergency road repairs after the floods.

Trouble is, as they don’t have 4,5 million euros, and the road companies won’t extend them any more credit, this is being done piecemeal. They don’t expect to spend more than 2 million this year, and maybe not the rest next year.

So, a phased plan of road repairs (with no dates, I notice) has been announced, and tenders will be issued shortly, yadda yadda yadda, according to the “urgency” of the repairs needed. Usual load of guff from the politicians; reading between the lines, they’re still waiting for their kickbacks to turn up in unmarked bills.

The most urgent bits (also known as the “crap! the road has collapsed!” pile) are:

AL-6109, de la N-340a en Los Gallardos a la A-1101 en Lubrín por Bédar; AL-7101, de Albox a la A-327 en Huércal-Overa por Taberno; AL-7107, de la A-370 en Garrucha a la A-332 en Pulpí por el Pozo del Esparto en Cuevas del Almanzora; AL-8105, de la A-332 en Venta Perejil a la A-332 por Las Herrerías y La Mulería en Cuevas del Almanzora; y AL-8106, de la AL-7107 en Villaricos a la A-332 por Las Herrerías y La Mulería en Cuevas del Almanzora.

On the “can wait for a bit” pile:

AL-6110, de la N-340a en a La Huelga de Sorbas por los Giles de Bédar; AL-7105, de la A-1101 a la N-340a por La Ballabona de Antas; AL-7106, de la A-7 en Huércal-Overa a A-1101 por El Palacés de Zurgena; AL-8103, de la N-340a a La Abejuela por Úrcal de Huércal-Overa; y AL-9105, de la N-324 a la AL-8103.

Via El Almeria.

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