Environmental police Chief done for organising an illegal hunt

The head of the Environmental Police (Seprona) in the Malagan town of Coin has been charged with organising an illegal hunt for wild boar last January.

It seems the police chief – a fanatical local hunter- offered to help organise the local hunt in which over a 120 local hunters, together with beaters, went out shooting wild boar. 7 other officers have also been charged in the case.

In exchange for helping to organise this, they got free entry into the hunt and petrol money.

Trouble was, the hunt didn’t have permits, and the “vet” who was supposed to be onhand to check the animals didn’t suffer and were safe to shoot wasn’t qualified.

Via El Mundo.

Our local Seprona couple from Garrucha have on occasions been spotted returning from midnight patrols with a wild boar slung into the back of the patrol jeep – I suppose it’s their equivalent of a friendly pint on the house from the local landlord.

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