Huercal Overa slaps huge tax on new Chinese shops

Huercal Overa has lowered taxes on opening new businesses, but slapped a huge new opening tax on large “Oriental” style shops, of 20,000€.

So if you want to open a Chinese shop over 700 m2, you have to pay this tax to get your opening license.

The townhall justifies this move by saying that these shops are proliferating and destroying other businesses in the town.

So expect the next Chinese shop that opens to have a little partition of 5m2, bringing the total size down to 695m2…..


6 Replies to “Huercal Overa slaps huge tax on new Chinese shops”

  1. I love Spain – the country is bankrupt so they take it out on the chinese who wilfully stay open for the convenience of the customers and keep it cheap for the sake of the customers and they hand out tax breaks for the ‘others’ who take half the day off every day don’t work at weekends and charge the earth for the privilege of using them. One day they’ll get it but not I suspect in my lifetime.

  2. Ted – you are totally missing the point – Spain is f***** – unless it starts to join the real world. That means all businesses need to work harder, be competitive and put the customer first. The chinese get it and make money while other businesses are having a siesta!

  3. I haven’t – it’s like trying to turn the clock back further when they’re already 10 years behind the game. I think the PSOE/IU combo in Andalucia is lethal – god help us if Catalonia does break loose.

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