Water cuts to continue until late Monday

Water supplies are not expected to be restored until late Monday evening, according to Galasa, the water company.

All the main pipes have been broken in several places as they cross different riverbeds after the recent storm.

Most of the Levante are now running off their local water reservoirs and once they are empty -as they are in many places now- they’re out of water. Such as most of Mojacar.

A mate of mine who works for the water company furthermore points out that since the reservoirs take quite a while to fill up, and then the local networks even longer, even if Galasa manage to fix the water pipes by tomorrow, it’ll be several hours more until you get it back.

And expect the quality of the water to be worse than ever, as the mud and crud from the bottom of the system is drained out.

So, although this obviously differs depending on where you are, Monday evening to Tuesday morning for water.

Meanwhile, around 8,000 people continue without electricity and 3,000 people without telephone coverage due to downed lines.

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  1. Does anyone know if the tap water is drinkable yet (through a Britta filter) after the Storm and floods? If it is not safe, any ideas when it will be?

    The tap water has a “earthy smell” but is clear.


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