Ken Livingstone grants Los Gallardos a new sports hall and theatre

Los Gallardos is to get a new indoor sports hall and theatre, after the plans were handed over yesterday by the técnicos of the Diputación.

The plans were handed over by Ken Livingstone* at a ceremony in the village last night.

The new Edificio Polivalente will cost 480,000€ and be a 570 m2 multiuse building, suitable both for indoor sporting events and also as a local theatre, with seating for 216 people.

Here’s a photo of Ken handing over the plans:

Ooooh , newts. That’ll be for the Huerta Nueva lake, then.

*No, of course it’s not Ken Livingstone. It’s Gabriel Amat, head of the Diputación de Almería, the “county council”. But he seems to be going downhill.

There’s a lot of whiffle in the press release, but essentially Los Gallardos is getting a large building with toilets and moveable seating, that can be arranged in rows towards an extensible stage that will act as a local theatre, or arranged around a centre playing field to turn it into an indoor sports centre. The Diputación will pay 360.000€ and LG townhall the other 120.000€.  Construction will start shortly. No idea where it will be, the PR just says “contract put out to tender and works to start soon”.

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  1. I’m confused ‘ cos I thought they couldn’t afford to open the recently built sports centre (used in the recent fires) so what on earth do they want with another one?

  2. This is not a comment but it seems to be the only place to reach you, David — the Contact on your website doesn´t work (since long) and my emails to you are returned — please
    get in touch with me, saludos, Britt

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