Catalan referendum on independence convoked (even if it’s illegal)

Artur Más has just announced to the Catalan parliament that he will organise a referendum on independence in Catalonia, even though he has been warned by Madrid that such a move would be illegal under the Constitution.

The President of Catalonia said that a referendum was the only democratic and fair way to solve the issue for once and for all, and told PSC (PSOE in Catalonia) members in the regional parliament that he would not be ambiguous and would not try to fob off his citizens with vague promises of “federalism”, a direct shot across the bows of the PSOE who seem to be thinking about turing Spain into a “federal states of Spain”.

He’s also announced early elections in November.

With the current independent surge in Catalonia, the next few months should be quite interesting… especially if Más and his CiU party are swept back into power.

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  1. It seems extremely reasonable to me that the Catalans should have the right to decide their future. Most surveys show between 70 and 85% of Catalans in favour of a referendum!

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