Let’s break Spain into a “Federal” state, urges PSOE

The PSOE is now urging the government to turn Spain into a full Federal state, with full powers to the regions, as an alternate to the breakup of Spain if Catalonia tries for full independence.

It was first officially suggested last week by the President of Andalucia, Griñán, and the sentiment was echoed today by Rubalcaba, the leader of the PSOE.

“I quite like the German model” he told reporters.

Rubalcaba also said that the PSOE would support changing the Consititution if necessary.

Catalonia, which last week was told it couldn’t have more fiscal power over its own tax revenues, has exploded into a hotpot of independence, with support for a breakaway from Spain over 50% for the first time, according to influential surveys in the main papers. They can’t actually legally hold a referendum on independence, it’s against the Constitution, and I suppose a unilateral declaration of independence would probably plunge Spain into another Civil War, but the way things are at the moment, something has to give….

“A fullly federal state” affirmed Rubalcaba, “is the only way to assure equality between the regions”.

And the way Spain is broken up at the moment, with powers “devolved to the regions”, it’s only one messy step from here to a “United & Democratic Federal States of Spain”.


Meanwhile, Artur Más, the Catalan President, told Catalan business leaders over the weekend that he’d like to see Catalonia in the same position as Puerto Rico has within the USA : independent, but fully protected and gathered within the comforting arms of the Motherland. And with special tax status, of course.

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