Junta refuses to pay out for agreed tourism sponsorship deals this year

The Junta de Andalucia, bankrupt in every sense except the “let’s admit it” sense, has just announced that it will welsh on all agreed tourism sponsorship deals for the second half of this year, after the credit card started to bounce.

After having sunk the Andalucian Masters tournament by refusing at the last minute to cut the agreed check, the Junta has now admitted it can’t pay out for the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, currently ongoing, one of the worlds most important flamenco festivals.

The Junta’s logo turned into scissors attacking the citizens… look, I couldn’t find anything better, OK?

According to Rafael Rodríguez, Andalusian minister for tourism, the coffers are empty and nobody is getting a dime, so face facts.

Anybody with an invoice awaiting payment, back of the queue please.

Of course, nobody will admit that they’re out of cash, and so the Junta is at this very minute signing deals for 2013, happy in the knowledge that 2013 is… well, it’s next year’s problem, that’s what it is. Nor will it cut back on anything, and Griñán, the mad idiot who lead us into this mess, continues to blame Madrid.

Strangely enough, they’ve still got cash for things like this:

Meanwhile, Cristóbal Montoro, national Minister of tax, said in Parliament today that if Andalucia needs a bailout it should damn well ask for it, and suggested that the asked for billion euro handout may not be forthcoming unless the Junta is more straightforwards about its needs.

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