The walkway in Cuevas everyone said would be washed away in the first rains… was

And it only cost 750,000€.

The rambler and cyclist walkway, inaugurated by Cuevas townhall this July at a cost of 750,000€, which went along the Almanzora river between the villages of Palomares, Villaricos, Los Lobos, La Mulería and up to Las Herrerías, has been “totally destroyed” by the recent rains, according to

See the 750,000€ walkway? No?

The paper reports that the tecnicos from the Diputación were so concerned about the townhall plans that they officially registered their concerns at the townhall before construction started, and refused to sign off on the walkway.

Complaints echoed by local residents,  some of which actually signed a petition at the time asking for the plans to be rethought.

The problem is that the walkway was laid directly on the ground as it crossed and recrossed the riverbed, so it was “patently obvious”, according to one architect, that the first rains would destroy it.

Yes, it was attractive, but now it’s in the sea, along with the 750,000€ of Cuevas townhall money (actually, an EU grant via FEDER), and the only person who seems better off for the experience is the mate of the Mayors who built the damn thing on the cheap.

A facebook campaign to “name and shame” is currently doing the rounds by furious local residents.

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