IU demands higher taxes for shopping centres

The IU will tomorrow table a motion asking the Junta (of which it is the minor coalition partner) to increase taxes on shopping centres across Andalucia as from 2013.

They want all shopping centres comprised mainly of SME’s (malls, I’d suppose would be the Americanism) to pay additional taxes for the environmental and territorial damage they cause, and in addition, want their opening hours reduced.

Malls, it seems, are the reason that commerce in Andalucia is failing, as they destroy competition and force family owned businesses to close. According to the IU.

It’s all part of the PSOE/IU push towards a stone age Andalucia, a return to an idyllic early 80’s, where the son follows in the fathers career footsteps, everyone lives in tiny villages on top on one another, guiris are objects of wonder who are rushed down to the beachside hotel before being taken back to the airport for their return flight, and anyone who doesn’t vote socialist is obviously a Francoist and should be taken out at dawn and shot. Which is why the SAT are allowed to loot supermarkets with impunity – they’ve done quite a few lootings of Mercadonas and Covirans so far, and nobody seems to be making too much of a fuss about it.

Sounds lovely. I wonder if broadband, a “basic and essential human right” according to the Junta de Andalucia, will be included in this bright new future? Cheap stuff from the supermarket obviously isn’t.

Anyway, expect a raft of mad proposals to be wheeled out over the next few weeks as everybody tries to get their pet project / tax / law included into the 2013 Andalucian budget.

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