IU demands higher taxes for shopping centres

The IU will tomorrow table a motion asking the Junta (of which it is the minor coalition partner) to increase taxes on shopping centres across Andalucia as from 2013. They want all shopping centres comprised mainly of SME’s (malls, I’d suppose would be the Americanism) to pay additional taxes for the environmental and territorial damage they cause, and in addition, want their opening hours reduced. Malls, it seems, are the reason that commerce in Andalucia Continue reading IU demands higher taxes for shopping centres

So the Junta’s got cash for this nonsense?

Fun! So that’s where 762.000€ of Andalucian cash went this year – urban planning in some godforsaken town in Africa. (How about spending some of that regulating the illegal homes in Albox? No? Thought not). Meanwhile, the Junta continues to ask Madrid for a billion euros to “tide it over” until it can ask for a full bailout… https://twitter.com/DMunozSanchez/status/244847918291492864