Taking 200€ of food isn’t theft, affirms Andalucian minister

“Taking a shopping cart full of food that’s worth about 200€ cannot be called theft, when they are going to give thousands of millions of euros to the banks”.

That’s what the Andalucian minister for Housing and Development Elena Cortés (IU) said today.

“llevarse un carro de comida por valor de 200 euros no se le puede llamar robar cuando se va a dar a los bancos miles de millones de euros”


“You cannot put weak people on the same level as the powerful, who have status and can steal with their hands full, there is not an absolute relation [between them]” she added.

No se puede situar a los débiles al mismo nivel que a los poderosos, que tienen estatus y poder para robar a manos llenas, no hay una absoluta correspondencia

How the hell a minister in a government can come out and say that? Especially when she’s supporting the same corrupt bunch of bastards who created the whole unemployment problem in Andalucia in the first place? When her party is blocking the investigation into the ERE scandal, the one in which her coalition mates in the PSOE stole BILLIONS by giving fraudulent pensions and paychecks via state owned companies to their friends, family members and buddies?

Remember, she’s talking about the SAT, the Andalucian Sindicate of Workers, who are currently encouraging the unemployed to go into supermarkets and steal as much as they can, giving them information on exactly how to do this with just a slap on the wrist.

Of course, the biggest problem is that you can steal under 300€ in Spain and not get arrested, at most getting a fine if you do it enough times.

Mental. It’s pandering to the lowest common denominator. It’s giving up on any hope for investment. It’s the politicians realising that since anyone with education and knowledge gets out of here as quickly as they can, they have to pander to the ancient or the unemployable or the lowest classes of society. The IU doesn’t give a damn about it’s left wing socialist principles, it just wants to get its snout in the trough as firmly as it can and will support the PSOE as much as it must to fill its pockets.

And it just makes me realise that, basically, there’s no real hope for this region : we’re as firmly rooted in theft, corruption and blatant abuses of power as any third rate African nation. And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

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