Super Olé boss & ex-President of Almeria chamber of commerce legs it as courts search for him

It appears that Miguel Uribe, ex-President of the Almeria chamber of commerce ASEMPAL and head of Almería’s largest home grown supermarket chain, appears to have gone missing after he failed to turn up to a court in Murcia relating to the firing of 50% of the Super Olé workforce.

The supermarket chain, based out of Almería, recently laid off 50% of its workforce and entered bankruptcy proceedings. However, a Murcian work court is considering a case presented by unions saying that the mass layoff of 192 workers was not done according to the law. It owes millions, apparantly.

After Uribe failed to turn up to the court hearing, the courts tried to locate him and failed, leading them to issue a court notice in the press, ordering Miguel, “current whereabouts unknown”, to turn up or face the concequences.

Cutting from the court notice

This Miguel Uribe has no known connection with Miguel Uribe from Mexico, the worlds fattest man.

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