Someone’s castrated the Congressional lions!

It’s art, people. Really.

On the left, one of the lions that sits in front of the Spanish Congress in Madrid. On the right, its partner. Spot the difference?

Well, nobody has for the last 140 years, until the Spanish History Channel Canal Historico spotted the difference whilst filming a programme about the history of the building. One of the males…. appears to have been castrated. (Trying to think of a good joke about Congress and Brussels here).

Well, we can’t have that. Not in Spain.

So the History Channel has offered to have a bronze pair cast and attached to make the male, male again. The consensus appears to be unanimous that this is a good idea.

My question is, in this modern and progressive Spain, why don’t we go the whole hog and turn the castrated male into a full lady?

No, castration doesn’t make your mane fall off

All right, transsexual lion. Don’t think the PP will go for that one…

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