Second Ryanair jet in emergency landing this week after cabin depressurizes

A Ryanair jet from Madrid to Gran Canaria had to return to Barajas airport this morning and make an emergency landing after the cabin suffered a sudden fall in pressure.

Nobody on flight FR2011 was injured, although a number of passengers were treated at the scene for nosebleeds, headaches and ear problems.

It’s the second such emergency after a Ryanair flight leaving Manises (Valencia) suffered a similar incident on Monday. Ryanair said that the plane suffered a minor technical incident.

Ryanair is currently under investigation by the Spanish air safety board after a series of incidents in which Ryanair planes were reported to have had to make emergency landings after running low on fuel and another Ryanair jet at Valencia had to be evacuated after a fuel valve broke and poured aviation fuel onto the runway.

I tell you, the airline is an accident waiting to happen, as it continues to cut back on safety and push its planes to do more…

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