Canal Sur 2 TV channel to close in October as cost cutting measure

Canal Sur 2 TV channel in Andalucia will cease broadcasting in October as part of a 20 million euro cost cutting move at the publically owned broadcaster RTVA.

The Junta de Andalucia has been progressively cutting back public funding at RTVA – the public subsidery has dropped from 181 million euros in 2009 to just 122 million euros this year. Advertising sales have also dropped, from 55 million euros in 2010 to 34 million this year.

Meanwhile, RTVA continues to employ 1600 people and won’t publically announce how much it owes. The Valencian broadcaster recently went under owing over a billion euros….

No job losses are expected, and the Junta has promised nobody will be laid off.

RTVA has admitted that it will close 2012 owing 60 million euros.

The plan is to combine programs from RTV1 and RTV2 into one broadcast. Canal Sur HD will continue to broadcast.

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