Catalan city declares independence and demands Catalan state

The city of Sant Pere de Torelló in Barcelona has declared, with a majority of votes in the city council, itself to be an “Catalan state, independent and free” and has sent the Catalan parliament an official request to hold a referendum on full independence from Spain within two months.

The declaration says that the town no longer recognises Madrid or the Spanish state as having any sovereign rights over the town, and says that it will only accept Catalan laws and Catalan rules from now on.

The request sent to the Catalan Parliament asks the region to convoke a referendum on independence with immediate effect; asks for the creation of a Catalan state with a seperate national bank, tax authority, a new national civil registry to take care of the effects of Catalan nationals in the new state, blah blah blah…. full independence by Christmas, in other words.

It also asks for EU aid in the creation of the new state, and says that the democratic process of law must be respected and the wishes of the citizens must be paramount.

The motion was carried by a 10 vote majority in the city council and then read by the Mayor from the public balconey to cries of supports from the thronged street, with the citizens of the town demanding independence for Catalonia, according to El Mundo.

The buggers had better not declare independence – their tax money (and the Basques) is the only thing keeping Spain afloat at the moment!

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