Man who looted empty Bedar fire houses caught

Police have arrested a 19 year old Bedar man, J. G. H., on charges of looting two houses whose owners were evacuated from Bedar during the fires.

J.G.H. took the opportunity to return to Bedar whilst the evacuation was in force and broke into the two homes in order to plunder them, taking cash, valuables, jewelery, and computer equipment.

However, a police officer who had spotted J.G.H. roaming around during the evacuation put two and two together after the owners of the homes denounced the breakins, and police proceeded to search his home, where they found most of the stolen equipment.

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  1. That is why we "doubled back" to our house as there were far too many people wandering about watching what was going on. Isolated houses are targets for those amongst us who have no respect for other peoples property.

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