Bedar fires – arrests imminent?

A source with knowledge in the local fire dept told me earlier that investigators don’t believe a lit cig set the place on fire, but instead think it’s possible that a power tool being used inappropriately set the place afire. An axle grinder or tile cutter is suspected. Although this is not official… just what the firemen are chatting about.

Now, I’m also told that at this very moment several Guardia Civil cars, accompanied by inspectors from the Ministry of the Environment and fire dept, are searching a home on the road up to Bedar, near where the fire started.

Gossip, rumour and mis-information? Possibly. But what else are the coppers up to, unless they spotted a large marihuana plantation whilst firefighting?

Still, if they send the evidence to the same lab that examined the remains of Ruth and José, they’ll get off scot free.

3 Replies to “Bedar fires – arrests imminent?”

  1. It is very obvious where the fire started. The rest of you comments are idiotic and if you feel like that about Spain, what on earth are you doing here. Please just follow the exodus of those who never integrated and never learned so speak castellano.

  2. My family and myself nearly got burned alive because of the stupid *** cutting some steel!

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