Fire continues – Environmental deputy says fires were intentional

As of 8:30 this morning, the Bedar fire continued, but now the other side of the Bedar mountains and well away from the village. The fire appeared to be mainly contained. At least 250 hectares of scrub and pinetrees were burnt, according to a statement last night by the Delegate of the Government in Almeria.

Units from the Army’s Emergency Response Unit (UME) turned up overnight with three powerful fire trucks and more manpower, helping to defend Bedar which was in severe danger from the flames. About 100 soldiers and 29 vehicles turned up from the Army base in Seville.

Still no official news to the media on property affected or the total amount burnt. A large portion of Bedar village was evacuated last night, and some 250 people spent the night in the Los Gallardos sports centre. About 1,100 people had to be evacuated from the hills in all, according to the provincial deputy for the Ministry of the  Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, mainly from Bedar village after the fire reached the outskirts of the village at around 20:30.

José Manuel also told the Diario de Sevilla that in his opinion the Bedar fire, which started at the same time as at least two other fires in the area (one in Antas, one in Vera) were started on purpose and said  that the Guardia Civil will be asked to investigate the causes of the multiple fires as a criminal case. However, he also told La Voz de Almeria that the Bedar fire appears to have started on the verge of the main road and could have been simple negligence.

The Bedar road continues to be closed, according to the DGT.

Some 800 hectares of land have been burnt in the province due to wildfires so far this year.

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  1. Yes, I live in Lubrin and was very worried that the wind might change direction and send the fire up the hill to us but thankfully it didn't although I feel for the poor people who have been affected in and around Bedar and Los Gallardos.

  2. my parents have a house on the hills just east of bedar, we like in italy so we don’t know anything yet about the condition of our house, let’s hope for the best…

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