Bedar reopened

Bedar has been reopened amongst many votes of thanks from all residents and authorities to the brave firefighters who worked so hard to prevent a greater disaster.

Here’s a video from national TVE1:


Ver vídeo1.000 evacuados desde anoche por el incendio de Bedar, Almería
The fire has now been declared fully controlled, although firefighters continue to make safe the zone.
Only two injuries have been reported, both firefighters suffering from smoke inhalation who were treated at the scene. The civil governor has said that the exemplary coordination between different firefighting units was an example to us all, and certainly prevented greater loss.
The Diputacion (county council) has already spoken to the Mayor of Bedar to send men and machinery to start clearing away the debris, and utility workers are working to restore broken water and power lines to the villages around Bedar.

4 Replies to “Bedar reopened”

  1. I feel for the residents of Bedar which is one of the most beautiful and tranquil little hamlets near Mojacar.Hopefully their immediate ordeal is now over.

  2. scientists have observed something quite strange in this burnt out zone and another one elsewhere.there is a species of cyprus tree which have not burnt and look as green as they were before …. is there such a thing as a fire-proof tree?? They will be carrying out further tests.Fascinating.

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