2000 people continue to fight the fire says government

A 10:30 press statement by the Civil Governors’ office in Almeria says that over 2,000 people continue to fight the fire in Bédar, and that the village remains shut.

The Governor says that 14 Infoca brigades, each consisting of 98 people, are active, as well as two ground loading planes, seven helicopters and a spotter plane. The military units from the UME are also on the ground with 88 specialists and some thirty vehicles.

The fire continues but is said to be contained. The governors office refused to comment on how much land had been burnt, although it is more than 250 ha, or if any properties have been damaged.

3 Replies to “2000 people continue to fight the fire says government”

  1. i live very near bedar and i would just like to commend the emergency services for their prompt reponse to the fires, swift and organised, brilliant service and as i sit here confidently feeling safe in my home knowing i can rely on these dedicated workers who are risking their lives for others, well done everyone!

  2. I totally agree, it has been a very scary 24 hrs plus and my thoughts go out to people in the area whose homes have been damaged, it certainly makes you realise what is important and what isn’t! Spotter plane and helicopters still going strong, let’s hope that it is totally out soon

  3. I live on the outskirts of Bedar, i agree the past 24 hours have been scary we have arrived home safe and well with our home intact, our thoughts go out to those who are not so lucky,The Helicopters and spotter plane remains active, what a fire fighting team they are !!!!! selfless and dedicated, Thank you to everyone involved.

    The people of this area are wonderful and the friendship is beyond belief

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