Large fire in Bedar

A large fire is raging between Bedar and Los Gallardos. It appears to be in the main valley where the road up to the village is.

In the last half an hour, despite the presence of a couple of fire fighting helicopters, it has spread and now seems to be in the pine trees below El Pinar.

Spreading quickly I can see from here, aided by a very hot wind blowing strongly.

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  1. Hi, i have a house in Los Pinos, but working away abroad. Found this information really helpful, and informative, thanks for posting it. Derek.

  2. Many thanks for the info & photo’s, we are in the UK & monitoring the situation as we have a villa in the middle of that smoke. Do you have more up to date photo’s or information?
    15.30 GMT

  3. I only have viber so i will find out whats going on now?if you need to talk im here Andrea
    If i hear anything i will let you know. Also where has everyone been evacuated too ?

  4. I hear they have beeen evacuated to the pabellon in Los Gallardos , who are providing free food and drinks and somwhere to sleep, some have gone to hostal rural in Turre and some to Mojacar

  5. When I last looked it seemed to have calmed down, but it will depend on the wind really. I am in Los Gallardos, so keeping a close eye. I was in the last one 3 years ago and was evacuated, not very nice, thinking of you all

  6. Recently left our holiday home in Bedar after our summer vacation. Returned to Florida, only to prepare for Hurricane Issac and now this fire in Bedar. Thanks for the updates David.

    Pray all are safe from danger.

  7. Can someone please tell me whats happening??? i def wont be abe to sleep tonight, unless somone can say that the fire is far away from the village and my family

  8. My parents also live there and everybody has been evacuated from there homes we have been very worried and feel very far away as we live in the NZ hope everybody gets through these hard days.

  9. Also if you tune into the local radio station and click on their FB link there are some photos that were taken this morning from some evacuated to Los Gallardos

  10. Hope they're ok Vic? We'll keep our fingers crossed for you that everything ok and they get it under control soon. we know that feeling of being so far away and feeling useless x

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