Fire dying down, retreating from Bedar and El Pinar

As the wind dies away, it seems that El Pinar may be safe from the flames as they retreat into the next valley.
Photos taken at 14:50.
Police confirm that all the roads in that area are closed due to the fire, and that people are only allowed through depending on the conditions. They are asking people not to congregate at the entrance to the Bedar road to allow emergency vehicles through.

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  1. Was there a couple of years ago when fires on Cabrera mountain range. Scarey how quickly it can spread. Such beautiful countryside. Hope it recovers without too much damage to land or people.

  2. Thomas, I heard it started around the place with the blue gates,on the right on the way up to Bedar just after the sewage works on the left, always has a se Vende sign out.and spread up and into the valley across the road below the “castle” house.Look at youtube “fires Bedar” .Hope this helps

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