Fire continues but much more localised

The fire has been much reduced. Local media reports that  a total of 14 air units are working on extinguishing the fires, and over 50 specialist control firemen from across the area are on the ground. Units of Protección Civil from Los Gallardos, Garrucha, Mojácar, Cuevas del Almanzora & Pulpí have arrived, as have Local Police, Guardia Civil units and forest fire experts from Almería.

Air units are believed to be 8 helicopters, three ground loading planes, a spotter coordinator plane and two amphibious water planes. Also in the area is a central control unit which has setup in the area to control the air traffic.

Some 50 people have been evacuated, from the hamlets of Serena, Los Pinos and Albarico.

Police have not yet confirmed whether any properties have been damaged in the fires.

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