Fire at 18:30 – fire continues near Bedar

At 18:30 the fire is still raging in Bedar, despite the best efforts of the fire forces.

It appears to be raging around the epicentre, and a light breeze is feeding it.

Despite the fact that the wind is blowing from Turre towards the fire, we are getting a lot of ash falling on us, showing that higher up winds are blowing the opposite way.

3 Replies to “Fire at 18:30 – fire continues near Bedar”

  1. Have the fires gotten anywhere near Bedar village ? My in-laws have a house in the hill side above Bedar, very worried seeing these upsetting images. Just awful

  2. Wondering if there is any more news as my Mum lives in Bedar and has been evacuated am desperately trying to find some news

  3. Hi A. Mason

    I also have family in Bedar, they are safe and they are in there home. The fire has headed away from them, I too would like to know where the fire is as it will be very difficult to sleep unless i know that the fire is not near them.

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