Bedar fire continues as Category 1 confirms INFOCA

Infoca, the forest fire people, confirm that since this afternoon they have had the Bedar fire as a Category 1 fire due to the seriousness and proximity to urban centres.

Originally just a couple of helicopters and a spotter plane were deployed, but as the fire grew additional units were mobilised from across the region.

A total of 16 aerial units continue to combat the fire, all available units in the area, and a total of 102 fire experts have moved to the area to coordinate local emergency services and volunteers in putting out the fires, double the number originally deployed to the fire.

Infoca, at an earlier press briefing, declined to comment on the number of  hectares burnt, nor if any properties have been affected.

Currently (at 19:20) the fire appears to have broken up into several different smaller fires, and there is still a lot of smouldering areas across the whole area.

3 Replies to “Bedar fire continues as Category 1 confirms INFOCA”

  1. Just spoken to our son and family who are on holiday in our house in Bedar. Bedar has now been evacuated. Thanks for the information. Just hoping the fires are under control and that everyone is safe,

  2. My mum and friends have been evacuated from Los Pinos and all are safe. Hoping for more news soon. Thanks for keeping us informed, it really is appreciated.

  3. I wish you best of luck to you and your properties. I am following this blog from the newsroom of La Voz de Almeria, the best selling local newspaper.
    A big huge from the city!

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