Taj Indian restaurant, Turre

Maria has sent me her readers review of the Taj Indian restaurant in Turre, Almería, a restaurant that has been around for quite a while now and has a loyal following. Sounds delicious!

As a Spaniard from Madrid who has lived and worked around the world, including Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and tasted authentic indian food at some the world’s best restaurants and even indian friends’ homes, I rate the Taj Indian Restaurant highly and would personally recommend it as the best Indian restaurant in Almeria.

I came to know of Taj in Turre by a local Spanish restaurant owner and other business owners in Mojacar, who ALL highly recommended it. It’s hard to convince some Spanish to love Indian food, but I have taken a number of my family, friends and acquaintances who have all loved the food, service and ambience at the Taj. If the Spanish love it than it must be good!

The food – taste and variety are excellent with the right balance of flavourings and spices.

The menu variety is excellent as it introduces some dishes that you would not normally get at other so called “Indian” restaurants. Incase people are not aware Indian food is different from Pakistani and Bengali food, the latter is much richer and fatty i.e a lot of oil or indian butter is used, where as authentic Indian food tends to be less so.

The Service is also very excellent – Yogi, the owner is very helpful in selecting dishes and combinations of both food and wine. He has a remarkable memory and remembers not only our names but also what we had the last time!

The Ambience is fantastic with subtle background music which is just to our liking. Other clientele who come are classy and friendly without none of the inebriated, brash, rude clients you often get at Indian restaurants in the UK and most of Spain!

Taj is also great value for money, considering freshly ground spices are authentic indian and imported. Portion size is excellent and usually 2 can have a good 2 course meal with a good bottle of house wine, and coffee for around €20-25 or less.

Where is it?

Taj Indian Restaurant, Turre
Calle Antonio Manchado, Turre
(On your right as you enter Turre from Mojacar, next to the main bridge)
950 479 607

3 Replies to “Taj Indian restaurant, Turre”

  1. Think maybe the place I know is different on the nights she goes! Yogi is lovely – yes absolutely agree on that.

    But the place is generally empty and is big and echoing with no other punters. I and friends had a takeaway and it cost pleanty but we had to throw it away as not cooked and tasted off.

    If I deide to eat in Turre, and spend my hard earned, I'm afraid it won't be here as I just don't feel its worth the chance. Sadly the chinese over the road has gone down hill rapidly over the last year too, so that leaves me with Steak house or Bar Stop as there is nowhere else I'd risk!

  2. I have nothing but good comments to make about the Taj – Yogi and Kieran are charming hosts who really go out of their way.
    Maybe the restaurant isn’t full every night – but what eating establishment is in this current economy?
    My husband, who is a Yorkshire man and knows a really good curry house – raves about the Taj.
    Keep up the good work Yogi & Kieran.

  3. I agree with Alison – I have nothing but good things to say. It seems Lacie Radge is very hard to please. Steak House and Bar Stop??? You think they are better than the rest in Turre? Wow – you have got to get a life!

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