3 Ryanair planes emergency land at Valencia as they run out of fuel

There are calls for the Spanish air board safety committee to investigate Ryanair after three of its jets had to make Mayday calls to Valencia airport and make emergency landings after running dangerously low on fuel.

The flights were supposed to be flying to Madrid, but had to divert due to a severe thunderstorm over the Spanish capital. They only just had enough fuel to make it to their alternate destination.

Ryanair pilots have complained that they are only allowed to fill their tanks with “sufficient” fuel to reach their destination, and any topups must be approved in writing by a superior in the company.

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  1. What a load of inaccurate bollox. Try checking the truth next time before posting as it makes you look stupid and attention seeking otherwise.

  2. ‘‘Having held over Valencia for 50mins, 68 mins and 69 mins respectively Ryanair’s 3 aircraft (following standard industry safety procedures) requested ATC permission to land immediately as they reached reserve fuel minimums, which allow each aircraft to operate for an additional 30 minutes (some 300 miles) of flying.

    ‘‘All aircraft landed normally with minimum fuel levels (approx 30 mins of flying) remaining.”

  3. M O’Leary – I seriously doubt that, given the internal advice to pilots to only carry sufficient fuel for the planned flight + 300kg. 300kg of fuel won’t keep a 737 in the air (in a holding pattern, to boot) for over an hour, then allow it to divert from Madrid to Valencia, and still land with the 30min reserve intact.

    As long ago as 2003, concerns were being raised about airlines cutting back on reserve fuel loads, as the rise of low-cost airlines squeezed traditional profit margins and cost management strategies.

  4. Accident waiting to happen, that airline.
    Anyway, Spain has opened an investigation, but it’s so under the thumb of this airline that I can’t see anything happening from it.

  5. My God, the great M.O’leary responding on this forum.If only Ryanair would do the same to all the passengers who complain and they treat like dirt.day in – day out.

  6. Psss… Mark, I doubt it’s actually him in person, probably a low level lackey who is permitted to put his name to comments… but don’t tell anyone!

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