Marinaleda looting Mayor dares government to arrest him and waives impunity

It seems that the criticism has got to him, and so the Mayor of Marinaleda has publicly renounced his legal immunity against arrest and dared the authorities to arrest him for looting several supermarkets last week.

Since he’s a Mayor and an MP, only the Supreme Court of Andalusia or a superior court can have him arrested. This is why crooks like Pepe Blanco, the ex-minister of Development whose primo was caught on using his ministerial car on CCTV to receive suitcases full of cash from developers on his behalf, are still walking around unpunished. Anyway.

Sánchez Gordillo, the Mayor in question, said on prime time news earlier today that if arrested he would waive his immunity. He added that it would be a delight to go to jail for daring to feed the poor. He then dared the Authorities to arrest him.

The technical Spanish term is condicion de aforado. Aforado means, literally, “a person or group whose personal privileges, dignity or profession permit them to be outside the right of jurisdiction”.

Of course, all he’s done is increased his image amongst the mob, whilst not actually changing anything. Saying I’m going to waive my immunity against arrest isn’t the same as actually turning up and asking to be arrested, or even sending a written letter signed in front of a notary public waiving his immunity.

Still, it looks good for the cameras.

However, his proud words are rather undermined by the fact that his (rather expensive, I’m told) lawyers have quietly filed a petition with the President of the Parliament of Andalucia asking for his citation to appear before an investigative committee to be overturned, citing the same diplomatic immunity that he claims to want to waive.

Technically, he’s filed a recuso de amparo, a request for his constitution rights due to his position to be upheld by the judicial authorities.

God, I find this manipulation of the system to be… abusive. And quite depressing. Even if it is legal. El que hace la ley, hace la trampa, eh?

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