Hungry looters ask police “if Mayor can loot for food, why can’t we?”

A group of twenty unemployed youths broke into a small Coviran in Seville over the weekend, stealing booze and food from the shop.

After police arrived and nabbed three of them, their official defense, according to the police statement, was that they assumed it was alright to “steal if you’re hungry” because the Mayor of Marinaleda did so last week and nothing bad has happened to him.

Well, quite. Not altogether accurante, as they don’t have parlimentary impunity like he does – a number of the other looters who accompanied him have been arrested and charged. But as a serving Mayor and MP he can’t be touched withouth quite a number of bigwigs getting together and getting serious.

Meanwhile, the little man who owns the Coviran that got broken into laments that he can’t afford the losses and that he’ll probably have to close his destroyed shop for good.

It’s called “the might of the Spanish justice system”.

In other words, it has been revealed that the left wing SAT union who organised the looting, led by the mayor, receives around 600,000€ a year in public money, despite not actually employing anyone. I wonder what they do with the cash? Doubt it goes straight to the poor they claim to represent…

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