Looting mayor to be investigated (note: not arrested)

The Minister of Justice has personally ordered an investigation into whether or not the mayor of Marinaleda, who looted a bunch of supermarkets in his town and ordered neighbours to riot against the Police, has broken any laws. Eh? He ordered his local police away, got 400 odd rioters to fight off the National Police patrols that turned up and ransacked two Mercadonas and a Carrefour, causing at least two cashiers to need medical aid Continue reading Looting mayor to be investigated (note: not arrested)

Mojacar switches off the streetlights for meteorite shower night

Mojacar will switch off the streetlights and bar lights for a few hours on Sunday 12th August to let visitors watch the fantastic Perseids metorite shower expected that evening. Local merchants will be putting out sky viewing chairs and even loaning out telescopes for sky watchers. The Perseids are known in Spain as the tears of San Lorenzo, las lagrimas de San Lorenzo, as they are associated with that Saints Day.