Hunger strike at entrance to Gib: it’s a tax haven and we should do something about it claims PCA head

The hon. Pres of the Andalucian Commie Party, Antonio Romero, has announced a two day hunger strike (steady on and pace yourself! Would no doubt be Gandhi’s advice here) at the gates to Gib to protest at the rocks status as a “fiscal paradise”. He wants Rajoy to “do something about it“. We shall skip lightly over the fact that Romi the Commie has obviously missed the point that Madrid doesn’t have much influence in Gib.

Romero is complaining that elite [Spanish] sportsmen stash their cash in the rock tax free while Madrid continues to penalise the working classes of Spain. He also wants his Olympic squad to pay their own way in London, muttering that “they’re paid enough already and can afford a hotel”.

He added that this protest has nothing to do with the fisherman’s feud with the Rock (his constituents keep being chased away when they go into the territorial waters to steal squid from Gib’s harbour – Gib says that the squid is theirs, and the fishermen are a danger to shipping. The fishermen point out that they’ve emptied the rest of the Med and so if they can’t have Gibs fish they’re bankrupt). Despite all the fuss about Gib at the moment, and the fact that Romero -ex local MP for the IU party- is supposed to be representing the fishermen.

Which brings me onto another point – does Gib actually have any professional fishermen? If the waters are that rich in squid, surely some canny Brit must be scooping them out of the water to sell them in La Línea? Or am I missing the point?

Anyway, Romi the Commi would be better off doing the same thing at the entrance to Andorra, another handy little “fiscal paradise” where Madrid does wield some influence. Even if Madrid and Paris aren’t keen on cutting its tax free status. But I don’t hear anyone complaining about them. Of course, Andorra doesn’t have free fish to give away.

Or indeed, he could protest that fact that Ceuta, Melilla or the Canary Islands don’t pay IVA.

Hey, this professional politician could even be working for a living. Instead of trying to impress his voters with meaningless gestures just to get himself in the press.

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  1. Mojácar under a P$OE mayor actually twinned with an Andorra town some 20 years ago – free bus rides for Mojácar savers to put their lolly in the Andorra banks. Masterful!

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