Junta de Andalucia spends 230,000€ a day on “international cooperation”

Or around 500 million euros since 2007, according to the PP. 71 million euros this year alone.

The funds go to “international projects” designed to “enhance and project Andalucia’s image abroad… whilst aiding in international cooperation and development”, and are spent by a shady sounding organisation called the Agencia Andaluza de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo. (Andalucian Agency of International Cooperation for Development).

Hmm.Wonder what a close study of their accounts would reveal…

Amongst other projects being financed at the moment are two fun sounding projects in South America: Nodo andaluz del centro de medio ambiente y conservación de la biodiversidad en Panamá (The Andalucian Node of the Environmental Centre and Conservation of the Biodiversity in Panama) which so far has cost the Andalucian taxpayer 450,000€ or the 250,000€ proyecto de apoyo al fortalecimiento a la cultura emprendedora a través de las oficinas públicas de empleo en Paraguay  (Project for helping the strengthening of the business culture via the public office of employment in Paraguay).

The PP says it is shocked that at a time that the Junta is lacking funds to help the unemployed, sick and elderly in Andalucia it has no plans to cut back on the lavish spending abroad. Carlos Roja, the PP spokesman, has tabled a request to the Junta to annul the AACID and return the money to more worthy local projects.

Or as one shocked Andaluz said in the comments box on the story: “My son’s school has cancelled school dinners because the Junta hasn’t paid the caterers, and this is where the money is going?”

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