IVA increase will apply to July and August utility bills

A complaint has been lodged alledging that the IVA increase, due on the 1st of September, will affect water, gas, telephone and electric bills for the months of July and August unless the government issues an exception.

FACUA, the consumers organisation, has pointed out that most utility companies will issue their two months bills in September, after the 1st of September increase in IVA. However, the bills will be for services provided in July and August, meaning that in effect consumers are having the IVA increase forced upon them two months before the announced date.

It seems that there isn’t a lot anyone can do about it.

The IVA increase will also be applied to any service or good delivered after the 1st of September, even if it is paid for before the 1st.

So if you buy and pay for your new car now, but it won’t be delivered until the 2nd of September, you should be law pay the increased IVA amount, even if the monies are transferred today.

Çe le vie. Quien hace la ley, hace la trampa.

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