Spain: Almeria reduces tomato pesticide use 55%

The implementation of integrated control as a method to counteract the effects of pests in crops in the province of Almeria has meant that, currently there has been a reduction in the use of pesticides. According to data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of Andalucía´s Board, this decline has reached 55%, as stated in the Third Technical Conference on Integrated Production in Agricultural Protected Crops, organized by the Research and Training Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries (IFAPA).

According to the study presented by the Ministry of Agriculture, in this campaign, this reduction in more than half compared to last season, takes the form of treatments, mainly against fungi and other diseases associated with moisture. In this case, it contributed to “a favorable climate, since last Winter´s rains have been poor,” said the Regional Government.

In addition to presenting the balance sheet of the campaign plant, technicians and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, among other things, they are improving the application for phytosanitary invernader. They also discussed the evolution of pests and biological control in greenhouses and analyzed the situation of integrated production under the new Royal Decree on Sustainable Use of Pesticides.

The event was in its final stretch, with the holding of a round table that in addition to the speakers, Representatives of the Department of Pest Control of the Association of Organizations of Producers of Almeria (Coexphal) of the certification and the cooperative Agrocolor Coprohníjar. On that table they attempted to place the keys that have favored the gradual introduction of biological control in greenhouse crops, as well as to draw the line to be followed so the sector will achieve to increase the cultivated area with this method.

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