Turre referendum called – select the “7 wonders of Turre”

Arturo has called an unofficial referendum of all citizens of Turre to select the “seven wonders of Turre”.

Pop along to the Guadalinfo office during business hours and select your favourite seven places of Turre.

The list includes the “Moorish bridge” (the main road one, actually built in the early 1900’s), the “street of the gitanos” (why not, indeed), Los Moralicos, several spots along the Rio Aguas (one of which I’d own if plebs were allowed to own riverbeds), and several other spots that are pleasing to the eye.

The main street is not, I notice, on the list.

Anyway, you have until the 30 July to make your selection, and the best spots will be promoted to tourists, in the hope that flocks of them will turn up there and destroy the spots. I’m voting for the barrio de los gitanos…. maybe if it gets in, it’ll get painted.

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