Speed limits on secondary roads to drop to 90

All speed limits on all secondary roads in the country will be dropped to 90 kph in the very near future, according to the head of Spains traffic police.

The DGT says that 80% of all road deaths attributed to crashes were on these secondary roads, which currently have a confusing mix of 90 and 100 kph speed limits depending on the width of the hard shoulder.

By resetting all limits to 90kph, the police will be able to enforce limits on secondary roads with more effectiveness, according to the DGT.

The traffic police have also announced a public enquiry to see whether speed limits on motorways can be increased from 120 to 130 kph.

Quite why they can unilaterally take the decision to drop the speed limit, but need to have a public enquiry to raise the speed limit, is beyond me, but never mind.

Hopefully, they will spend some of the new fines raised on treating the true cause of deaths on secondary roads : dangerous corners and poor maintenance.

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