Mojacar wants to break out of “seasonal tourism” rut

Rosmari has been having meetings with the Diputación to discuss how to break out of the “season tourism” rut the town is apparently stuck in.

As part of this, they have been looking at out of season tourism campaigns, and ways to make the businesses in the area “more professional” and “improve the image of the town as a major tourism destination”.

Other things the Diputación has promised to look at is ways to “reactivate the old quarter of the town” to attract more tourists.

The Mayor also said she’d like to meet “specific demands” of certain “foreign sections of society who are fully integrated into our local community, such as the English”.

So there we go. It seems as if the townhall has finally woken up to the needs of attracting more tourists (not Russians on an all inclusive package) but still doesn’t have a clue how to go about it.

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  1. Turismo here in Spain is traditionally the specialty of hoteliers who pontificate and drone on about the subject without really making any change at all. This is because residents (there are 2.5 million Northern Europeans living in Spain 12 months in the year) don’t stay in hotels.
    By the way – should the 2.5 million North Africans driving through Spain on their way to Tangiers, plus the same number returning to France in September… (totaling 5,000,000) be added onto Spain’s legendary tourist figures?

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