Diputacion will study ways of asking EU for money for Mojacar bowling club (but won’t pay for it)

The Diputación has agreed to a request from Mojácar townhall to”assist the townhall” to “analyze the possibility” of “creating a request” for an EU grant to build the proposed bowling centre in Mojácar (which would be the fourth in the Levante).

IE: No, we won’t pay for it. Let’s see if the Germans will give you some money. It’s your baby, you submit the paperwork.

Given that the regional administrations currently struggle to pay the wage bill every month, expecting them to stump up 120k for a weird posh hobby for some retired guiris was…. unrealistic.

In short, as I said before, Rosmari promised the Brits a bowling centre knowing she wouldn’t have to pay for it. The Diputación, who have architects sitting around doing nothing, drew up a plan. Rosmari asked the Diputación for money, safe in the knowledge that she wouldn’t take the political blame for it when they said no. Which they have. Although they will help the townhall fill in the forms for an EU grant. Which isn’t going to happen.

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