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Came across http://www.arealspanishlife.com today and thought I’d share how Gordon, an expat waiter in Villarico, thinks about living in Spain, with you.

He’s currently trying to buy a car, which makes for some fun reading. Anyway, keep up the good work Gordon and I look forwards to reading future musings from you.

It is my belief that Jesus was Spanish, and by giving him 5 loaves as a tapa, they could easily be turned into enough bread to provide sandwiches to feed 5000. Next time you go to a Spanish bar that serves tapas, watch a couple of men at the bar and see how many breadcrumbs they can create.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing this David. After 4 weeks and 3 days, the bank eventually emailed us to say the loan had been approved. Trouble is, the car we were after has now been sold…..

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