Mass firing of politicians announced in Balearic Islands

“It’s what the people want” declared the President of the Balearic Islands federal region, José Ramón Bauzá, who announced today that his government (PP) is planning a “mass cull” of politicians in the islands.

OK, he used the word mass redundancy, “ERE”, but given the connotations of the word ERE at the moment here in Andalucia…..

Although specific details were lacking during the press conference, José said his government was in the advanced stages of preparing to lay off a swath of politicians at all levels of the regional administration, from townhalls to the federal government, respecting, he added, at all times the proportionality of territorial representation.

If carried out, this will be the first time that any politician has actually been laid off in Spain.

José says his government has already carried out the first real mass reduction in political posts, having reduced such posts by 50%, accounting to a real saving of 26,6 million euros per year to the public coffers.

Political posts, being of course, cargos políticos, or mates being given a cushy job in the government overseeing a public company, committee, etc. Cash for old rope, in other terms.

The move was applauded by Espe from Madrid, who had earlier announced that her government (also PP) was studying something similar.

As an example, José said that a medium townhall might go from having 17 councilors to just 9. Again, details were sparse on the ground, but the move seems popular.

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