Almeria bids to hosting Las Vegas in Europe – could “EuroVegas” be here?

An official consortium of Almerian businesses have tendered a project suggesting that Sheldon Adelson, the US billionaire, builds his infamous “EuroVegas” in Tabernas desert, Almería.

Sheldon wants to replicate Las Vegas in Europe, and is currently debating between spending billions building casinos and hotels in a new macrocity outside Madrid or Barcelona.

The argument runs that Tabernas desert will replicate Las Vegas to perfection, and that with the excellent communications links in the area (AVE -not built-, airport -small-, large port, and an elderly motorway) allows the millions of gamblers easy access to Tabernas. They also point out that we will soon have the huge Paramount theme park just up the road.

The “untouched natural beauty” of the area is mentioned in the tender, although I assume that if they spend billions building a replica of Las Vegas in the desert, that will be the first thing to go.

The bid appears to have surprised many people, since negotiations for the multibillion euro project are well underway, with Madrid expected to win the contract.

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