Tea with the President

I’ve been “cordially invited” * to meet the (unelected) President of Andalucía Jose Antonio Griñán this Thursday, which is nice.

The Mayor popped her head round the door of the bar this morning, having spotted me taking coffee and a tostada inside, and said that she’d just received confirmation that he’d be in town on Thursday, and was keen to meet some local businesspeople, and would I care for the honour.

The subtext, of course, being that since all the local ones are bankrupt, I’d have to do. Anyway. Never one to look a free coffee and a moment in the limelight in the mouth, I quickly accepted.

The last time I met Griñán, he almost set his goons upon me – I’d only tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to move out of the doorway. Hopefully, this time violence won’t be necessary.

It seems that this will mainly be a meet, greet, shake the hand and smile for the camara lark, but in case we should end up going for a coffee and a chat, anyone got any questions to put to our leader?

I should make clear that I have been asked not to pelt him with fruit, nor step on his toes, or even, grip his hand in a firm British manner causing his knuckles to crack and him to wince.

*or I would have been, if this expression existed in Spanish.

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