Mojácar bowling green construction to start soon, claims local club

The following is a press release from the Mojácar bowls club (formerly La Mata BC). Frankly, I’m surprised, as only a few months ago I was talking to the técnico from the Diputación who was in charge of designing the plans, who claimed this would never go ahead due to lack of funds, but if RosiMari is willing to pay for it out of townhall funds, so much the better I suppose. The townhall voted to spend 125,000€ on the project in the last townhall meeting.:

Hi All

Looks like The Mojacar Bowls club is on the way back.

Barring nuclear war, our Bowls club will be resuming normal business again soon after what has been a long and extremely busy time in discussion with Rosa Cano the Lady Mayor and indeed many others including Local Golf clubs, Hotels, etc, etc, especially during the early part of 2011 to seek their help in getting another Bowling green.

Early in 2011, our Bowls club was given a promise of help by Rosa Cano the Lady Mayor of Mojacar and it now looks like that promise will be fully honoured in the near future.

For those of you who came along to the members meeting last Monday, I talked about an extraordinary plenary meeting called by the Lady mayor of Mojacar on Monday 14th May.
One of the points on the agenda was the modification of credit. Extraordinary credit. (Bowling Green)

This morning, Fernando the sports councillor telephoned Tony and myself to inform us of the councils decisions and the implications for our Bowling Club.

Fernando explained that The project cost, the construction of Mojacars official bowling green behind the marina de la Torre hotels was accepted and had been voted through.

Also, construction work will start asap after the summer….This has always been the time scale preferred by Rosa Cano the Lady Mayor.

We still have work to do, Tony and myself will be compiling a presentation document over the next couple of weeks for submission to the town hall…The document will contain a selection of extremely competitive costs and specifications for a bowling green foundation as well as competitive costs from Carpet suppliers/fitters.

The documents purpose is to assist the town halls decision.

Our bowls club still has a relatively large and very supportive membership, this must be regarded as surprising, especially when it is considered that our club has been without its own bowling green since December 2010.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members, all our friends, the many supporters from the other Bowling Clubs here in Almeria and the visiting clubs from the UK for your patience and valued support through our clubs difficult times and circumstances, which ordinarily could have caused the closure of a less determined Club.

Our Bowling Club is now looking very much to build on its future once again.

Many thanks to all & watch this space

Enjoy your summer.


Alan Bramble


Mojacar Bowls Club

(formerly La Mata LBC)

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