No you can’t denounce over the phone anymore – the outsourcing company went bust

Egg on the face of the National Police after the company that manages its denuncia hotline went bust overnight, leaving citizens calling the official hotline and not having their calls answered.

The hotline, which has been run for a number of years now by a telemarketing company, allows you to make simple denuncias over the phone (for anything you need a basic police crime number for insurance purposes, but didn’t really expect the police to do anything about, basically). You then went to your nearest National Police station and picked up the crime sheet, meaning you didn’t have to wait in line.

Anyway, the company went bust overnight, and as is the way in Spain, didn’t bother telling anyone in advance that the coffers were empty. The National Police are now hunting for a substitute company, and insist that they were up to date on the payments.


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