New Andalucian Minister for Justice is the same bloke who was in charge of “Corruption in the Junta” investigation…

Does that make sense? I think it makes sense.

Anyway, the new Minister for Justice in Griñán’s new Junta de Andalucía is Emilio de Llera , the man who is also the prosecutor general of Seville.

Emilio was the man in charge of investigation the ERE pension scandal currently rocking the Junta (where the Junta has been accused of spending hundreds of millions in a slush fund to pay off union leaders, ex-politicians and generally use public cash to buy cocaine and gin).

He’s now in charge of Justice for the region.

Which brings in allegations from the PP about cosy backhander deals and generally putting the gamekeeper in charge of the poachers. Or at least, as the PP puts it, “protecting oneself from the juridic process and the due course of law”.

Which, in Andalucía, is surely kind of the point? I mean, it’s what the PSOE has been doing for the last 30 years?

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