TUI UK to bring 600 Brits a month to Roquetas

TUI UK (think Thomas Cook) has signed an agreement with the tourism ministry to bring some 600 Brits a month to Roquetas del Mar.

All inclusive, of course, which means they probably won’t go out of their hotel much, and so won’t bring in any wealth to the town, but hey. 600 tourists are 600 tourists, right?

2 Replies to “TUI UK to bring 600 Brits a month to Roquetas”

  1. That’s the Spanish expertise on tourism for you. It’s all inna numbers.
    Not a frigging clue!

  2. TUI is Thomsons and I believe the flights are from Edinburgh. I think that this will be good because not everyone can stick all inclusive for duration of their stay and people will venture out and support other businesses in town.

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